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Project TitleIntegrating Activity Based Learning in Teaching
Track CodeP2759
Short DescriptionThis course provides learners with the opportunity to examine and customize strategies that make training and learning active.
Tagsactivity based learning, teaching frameworks, team learning, peer teaching, active training design, teaching tool
Posted DateJul 17, 2008 11:49 AM



Learning Outcomes and Competencies:

  1. Explore personal perspectives that support active learning.
    • Identify active learning opportunities currently used in one’s teaching and training.
    • Question one’s own biases regarding active training.
    • Identify potential barriers to active learning in one’s own environment.
    • Contrast various active training perspectives as described by others.
  2. Examine theoretical perspectives that compliment active learning.
    • Discuss the relationship between learning styles and active training.
    • Examine the concept of the reciprocal relationship in learning or training.
    • Relate the educational learning theories of B. McCarthy and D. Kolb to active training.Identify foundations of active training that can be incorporated in the classroom or workplace.
  3. Examine the qualities of active training design.
    • Distinguish between active and passive learning.
    • Identify a variety of steps used when designing active training.
  4. Develop an active training environment in the classroom or workplace.
    • Discuss the benefits of group learning, peer teaching, independent learning.
    • Outline a variety of techniques that can be used to develop an active classroom or work environment.
    • Participate in the design of activities that make learning active.

Outcome Hours: 30
Note: This course is scheduled for a total of 36 hours to give learners the opportunity to discuss, examine, and integrate material presented.


Course Sessions:

Introductions, B.Ed (HRD) Questions and Answers, Group Negotiations regarding Course, Open Discussion on Teaching and Training
Foundations of Active Training
Blending Principles of Adult Education with Active Training
Exploring educational theory: Reflecting as a group of learners
The impact of learning styles on Active Training
Strategies for Active Training at work
Strategies for Active Training at work (continued)
Strategies for Active Training at work (continued)
Active Training presentations
Active Training presentations
Course Wrap Up and Evaluations



VARK Learning Styles Inventory


Silberman, M. (2006). Training the active training way: 8 strategies to spark learning and change. Pfeiffer. San Francisco, CA.


In this course, learners will have the opportunity to examine and customize a variety of strategies designed to make training and learning active. Participants will share aspects of their personal teaching frameworks and explore theoretical perspectives supporting activity based learning. Using these foundations, learners will be challenged to add new activities to their teaching repertoires by examining the basics of active training, team learning, peer teaching, and independent learning. Finally, the group will develop its own activity based "how-to" manual that can be used in delivering future training.

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